Global Search Solutions

Whether across the world or across the street, at Navigator Search Advisors we combine proprietary technology, recruiting expertise and personalized service to deliver quantifiable performance, unequivocal results and the very best talent.

Our clients come back to us again and again.

Recruiting expertise and consistently superior results driven by Navigator technology creates lasting client partnerships. Our long-established clients take great comfort in our knowing the essence of their cultures and the caliber of talent needed to effectively lead their operations." With new clients we quickly build strong partnerships by identifying the specific needs, cultures, and requirements of each company while developing systematic solutions tailored to meet those needs. In all cases, we partner with our clients to acquire the talent necessary to drive exceptional growth or lead during times of contraction.

Our global business search solutions translate into extensive benefits for our clients including:
  • Rapid response to all search assignments.
  • Flexibility to adapt our services to unique client requirements.
  • Aggressive search tactics to identify higher quality passive candidates. We are not resume farmers – we are talent hunters.
  • In-person or video screening of all candidates.
  • Candidate profile summarizes that zero in on what's important to our clients.
  • Speed driven by Navigator technology and a tenacious approach from start to finish.
  • An array of behavioral and personality assessments for understanding candidate motivators, work style preferences and interpersonal capabilities.
  • A proven onboarding process for significantly shortening the ramp-up time of newly hired talent.